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" My dog has so much energy! He will run and chase squirrels, the neighbor's cat, jump fences in a single bound! I just have to find a way to burn off all that enthusiasm! I bet he would do great as an agility dog!"

Although dog agility is a great way to"burn off energy", it is also structured classes and practices that take a lot of time and dedication. This is not a free-for-all at the dog park!

Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs the dog though an obstacle course.  It is an exciting sport that began in England in 1978 and became such a success that it is now gaining worldwide popularity. Dog agility demonstrates a dog’s ability to be agile, versatile and quick. Any person with any breed of dog can participate in dog agility. All you need is a positive attitude, commitment, teamwork, and proper training for both dog and human handler. It is a great way to exercise while building a strong bond between you and your pet. The benefits of agility are unlimited for dogs and people of all ages and backgrounds.

So what if you want to join agility just for fun? If you are not interested in competing, any dog can participate in non-competitive agility classes. Agility training uses positive reinforcement, making the experience fun for both dog and handler. Instead of forcing a dog to complete an obstacle, rewards and praise are used to encourage the desired behaviour. This teaches dogs self-confidence because they learn to “overcome those obstacles” on their own. You do not have to compete to enjoy the sport of dog agility. Its greatest value is in building a strong human-animal bond and giving you and your dog something new, active, challenging, and fun to do together.

Before starting agility training, you should visit your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is in good physical health and up-to-date on all necessary vaccines to begin training classes. Your dog should also have basic obedience skills so he/she can develop the focus needed for agility training. Physical and mental fitness is an important part of agility. An agility dog should be strong enough to carry its own weight effortlessly. Your dog’s strength and endurance is what will keep him/her fast on an agility course and enable him/her to overcome one obstacle after another.

Developing teamwork involves patience, trust, leadership, and the building of confidence of both dog and trainer.  Participation in agility at any level, whether for competitions or just for fun, has benefits for both mental and physical health. It teaches owners how to properly train their pet and fosters obedience. Dogs are wonderful companions. The sport of agility is just one way for us to build that strong lifelong relationship with them.













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